Do You Know How to Capture Your Perfect Client?

They are out there, thousands of perfect clients or customers who are looking for exactly what you are offering. Now how to get them to find YOU rather than your competitor? In this day and age of online everything, it is crucial that you invest in being SEEN

Why fit in, when you were born to STAND OUT?
— Dr. Suess!

The words of wisdom from Dr. Suess pretty much sum up the key to a successful online presence. 

Google, and other search engines :) are like the road that people take to get to your business presence online. These roads, though, are not set in stone, they wax and wane to a very specific call. The call of Googles Algorithms; I know, another tech word that is cryptic and dull. So to keep it interesting and to-the-point, I thought I would put together some simple strategies that you can implement, so search engines will keep the path to your business, easy, direct and quick.  In short, simple summer strategies to help YOUR BUSINESS to STAND OUT online. 

So what are these 3 keys to success then? 

1. Let your clients find you with ease. 

How do you go about finding a new business or service? Unless we have a stellar referral, most of us usually look for a business online and try to trudge to the sea of content. So your clients are going to do the same for you. Now keywords are like street signs, they direct traffic to you (or away). And Google praises keywords the actually go to the service or business that the client is looking for. 

So simply? 

Add relevant keywords to your headers, sub headers, content, meta description, tags, and your alt image titles. 


2. Spark your customer's interest. 

Now you know a thing or two about your line of work, correct? So this is where you need to wine and dine your customers. So say you were searching online for a medical doctor, you happen to type in the word "weight loss", a doctor came up who had written an easy-to-read and engaging article on the topic you were looking for, and this doctor happened to have really good reviews as well, Most likely you are going to pick the doctor that presents themselves as an authority in their field. And guess what? Google praises the article as well and helps that doctor stand out above the others, who may not have any relevant articles on their website. 

So what does this mean for your business? 

Spend some time writing simple and engaging tips for your clients. It doesn't have to be long, you can even reference other articles on the subject or colleagues. And make sure if you do reference them, that you ask politely for them to link back to your website or share your article :) Google rewards you for this as well :)  


3. Keep your viewers around a while.

So now your customers are finding your business (keywords), there are articles on your website that help establish you as an authority (unique content), but are these customers staying on your website a while? Or are they bouncing? So Google 2018, is heavily considering what people search, and whether they find what they were actually searching for. So say you write an article on "How to conserve your energy," but you don't specify in your headers, keywords, meta-tags etc that your article is speaking about how to conserve your bodies energy, so people who are looking for how to conserve their household energy, find themselves on your article, which is not relevant to them, and so they immediately leave. Google looks at this and eventually (sometimes quickly) will bury that article (hidden in the sea of content). Simply because the bounce rate is telling Google that the reader is not finding what they are actually looking for. 

So what should you do? 

Google analytics is a fabulous tool that you can use find a wealth of information about your website's statistics, including how long viewers are dwelling on your pages. if your bounce rate is high, you are going to want to look at changing those pages, so the content is more relevant, more readable and more engaging. This also might mean you need to adjust the structure of your website and the channels into your content. 

I hope these tips were short, sweet and most importantly helpful to your business :) 

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